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Sunday Service

Sunday Morning Service

Special Events

Don't Forget to Mark you Calendars!

The worship services are designed to make Christ real to the hearts of all those in attendance


Bible Study

Let Pastor Woods guide you through understanding the Word of God

Tuesday's Noon, 7:30pm

Wednesday 7:30pm

Basic Christian Fundamentals Class

To equip and support you, to strengthen and guide you in all truth for a daily walk

Sunday 8am

Teens Night

Celebrate with the youth every second Friday of each month

Dec.11- Care Package Giveaway w/ Our Outreach Ministry
Dec.12- The Appreciation and Birthday Event Honoring Our Pastor @ 3pm
Dec.18-Get Ready, We need your help, we're sharing with the community, we will be distributing food boxes Sat. @ 10am-2pm 

Dec.19- Our Christmas Praise Celebration w/ Our Youth and Young Adult Ministry. We will be looking for willing participants to assist with this celebration, more information coming soon.

Dec.31- Our Watch Night Praise Service @ 10pm. Let us Praise The Lord Together as We worship the Old year Out and the New Year In!

Join Us!

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